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What parents and students are saying.


Amina has been guiding and tutoring my daughter in the English language. She is an exceptional teacher who apart from being extremely qualified, is extremely compassionate, inspirational, and conducts herself in the utmost professional manner. She makes my daughter feel comfortable and pushes her to do her level best. Amina interacts with her on a one-on-one basis. It gives her the greatest satisfaction when she sees her student’s grades improving. Her teaching method has not only helped my daughter excel in the English language, but also helped her in valuable skills. It’s extremely rare to find such a caring and knowledgeable educational guide.

Janki Khosla | Parent

I absolutely love my weekly writing lesson. It helps me gain confidence in terms of expressing feelings in writing and accurate utilization of literacy devices. I truly appreciate the services they’re providing and my gratitude is ineffable.

Travis Hartono | Student

Amina is an excellent teacher with great knowledge and creativity skills. Professionalism, Punctuality and Patience are words to define her. She is very passionate with her work and leaves no stone unturned. She is very prompt to reply on the mail as well and makes the student feel at ease at all times. Wishing you all the very best for your future and am sure you would always excel in life!

Sukhminder Chadha | Parent

I have been one of Amina’s students since August 2022. Since then, I have felt my writing skills improve every class and have achieved many things I'm proud of. One of those things I've accomplished is winning the “Ontario Schools Cricket Association” essay competition. As this essay contest would essentially be me competing against every student in Ontario, I had little faith in myself; although with Amina’s help, we worked on it as a priority for a month or so and I ended up claiming my hard-earned win. I couldn't have done it without her!

Julia Radwan | Student

I first asked Amina to start working with my son who was in first year college. I was looking for someone who could teach him the basics and help him develop his writing skills to be a competent communicator and be more self-sufficient. Amina has the ability to engage the student and more importantly helps them to build their skill set. As parents we tend to not be the best teacher and you are getting a professional who will help them excel. Last semester my son made dean's list and I see a dramatic and positive change in confidence, organization and quality of work. I would highly recommend Amina.

Alan Campbell | Parent

Amina is very good and skilled teacher. She took her time to explain everything and give a good strategy for writing in a professional way. Very happy with our experience with her to help my daughter in her writing skills. Highly recommend.

Reham Metwally | Parent

I highly recommend Amina as an excellent, knowledgeable and caring teacher. She did an outstanding job tutoring my daughter who has learned a lot from her. Amina is very patient and kind when she works with my daughter. She understands very well the unique needs and strengths of her students and she adapts her teaching style so that she can reach any student. Thanks Amina for your amazing work with my daughter!

Sally Massoud | Parent

Amina is a young brilliant mind that has so much to offer as a teacher as well as a mentor.

Joanna Kozminski | Parent

Amina has been an absolute pleasure to work with and we have seen great results from her dedication to help further our daughter’s knowledge of grade 6 and grade 7 math. Amina arrives on time for each lesson. She is always prepared to get started as soon as she arrives, leading by example, she keeps our daughter focused while at the same time keeping the mood light and fun. Even though we primarily use Amina for math tutoring, she has been helpful with creative writing as well as French. We have seen our daughter excel in the past two years as well as gain great confidence in seeing the fruits of her work with Amina each week.

Andreas Csidei | Parent

An incredible tutor and a wonderful person, Amina has help me through both high school and university. 10/10 would definitely recommend to a friend.

Jonathon Peace | Student

Amina is an understanding and experienced tutor. She provided useful feedback on my responses and helped to relieve my foreign language anxiety with her encouragement. I was able to achieve an 8 on my recent academic IELTS exam with her help. So I highly recommend Abrite Education to any student who intends to take an English proficiency exam.

Zian Liu | Student

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