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Get to know us.

At Abrite, we believe in the boundless potential of every student.
Our goal is to provide education that helps every student achieve their fullest potential and become their brightest self.

Our Story

How it all started.


In 2016, Amina took a part-time tutoring job at a learning center while studying at the University of Toronto. What started as a way to earn extra cash sparked something unexpected: a genuine passion for helping students succeed.


In 2018, Amina graduated with more than a degree -- she had discovered her life's calling. Tutoring privately, she honed her methods, driven by the belief that every student can reach their potential with the right guidance and support.


In 2020, Amina realized that true student success required more than just academic support.  She combined traditional tutoring with mentoring, creating a holistic approach grounded in personal growth and self-improvement.


In 2022, Amina founded Abrite. Determined to spread her methodology and empower more students, she began building a team of like-minded educators.


Now, Amina and her team are dedicated to guiding students on a journey of growth and improvement, helping them reach their full potential and become their brightest selves.

Our Values

Inspired by Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

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Our Founder

About Amina.


My story started in Cairo, Egypt where I was born and raised. As a child, I had a complex relationship with school: I loved learning, but I didn't fit in.

So I studied hard, and in 2014 I received a letter of acceptance from the University of Toronto. While I attended there, I worked as a freelance tutor and got to be on the other side of learning: teaching. I loved it as much as I loved learning, so I never quit. In 2022, Abrite was born, and it has been growing ever since!


However, it should be noted that my love is not all for learning and teaching. I also love singing and playing the piano, writing lyrics and poetry when I can, and travelling back to Cairo where it all started.

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